Why is Grooming Important?

Your Pet's Coat


  • Regular brushing of all pets helps to keep the coat and skin healthy. Brushing is a vital part of pet care because it helps to distribute the natural oils of their skin throughout their coat, promoting a healthier coat and cleaner skin.  
  • Matted fur/hair can be painful and cause many skin conditions. Matting can become so severe that it will limit body movement and restrict blood flow for your fur friend.  The matts in their fur pull tightly on their skin making even a simple pat from you painful.
  • Excessive amounts of hair around their backside area and between their paw pads can lead to hygiene problems, extreme tangling and accumulation of dirt building up which could cause more severe problems down the road

Check for Abnormalities

 Regular grooming appointments help to identify any abnormalities in your pet’s body such as sores, growths or bald spots in their beginning stage. While you may not notice any lumps or bumps that have appeared on your pet, your groomer at Paws of Joy can help to detect a problem and ensure that if something does appear, you are made aware of it sooner rather than later 

Protecting Paws & Joints with Regular Nail Appointments

Long nails in dogs cause them discomfort;

  • nails that are too long force your dog to change their gate and overcompensate on the sides of their feet which can cause long term damage, deformations, and arthritis if left untreated
  • Nails left too long without clipping can grow into footpads causing extreme pain for your dog
  • When nails are clipped more frequently, the ‘quick’, (blood vessels and nerves that grow along with the nail), will begin to recede making maintenance easier for your pet and injury less likely
  •  *At Paws of Joy, we also love taking care of your cats needs.  Trimming their claws regularly will not only help to save the furniture and your skin; having their nails trimmed back can prevent a possible painful occurrence like a broken claw which can result when a sharp tip gets caught on something like sofa fabric or a rug.  

Prevention of Ear Infections

  •  Pets need their ears cleaned regularly, especially those prone to ear infections.
  • Some breeds of dogs have hair that grows in their ears which needs to be plucked frequently
  • Regular checks and cleaning of ears for both cats and dogs will help to prevent ear infections, ear mites and other possible ailments.